Saturday, October 16, 2010

October Updates

A few quick updates, all important, in probably all the wrong order:

Kyle and I signed a lease on Wednesday! We’re moving into our new South Tampa Townhome on Halloween weekend. We found a sweet two bedroom with hardwood floors and a giant kitchen with room for our epic dining room table. We’re sad to go but excited to have the Wii back, among other things.  Stuart and Sarah are gifting us a leather couch and a custom made coffee table they bought and couldn’t return when it didn’t fit the space. We continue to be both amazed and eternally grateful for their generosity and hospitality.

Kyle and I have spent a lot of money at J. Crew recently building our work clothes collections. I never thought I’d be a J. Crew girl, but if I can’t wear jeans or tees to work then I guess I can adopt a style that allows for messy hair and slouchiness.

I’m going to California next week on a business trip. Yes, a business trip... to California. I made an out-of-office reply on my work e-mail. I’m pretty much all grown up. It will be the first time I’m away from Kyle for more than a night since we’ve been married, which I was afraid of until I remembered our entire relationship was long distance and I ought to be able to handle it.

Speaking of traveling, Kyle and I fly out early tomorrow morning to Richmond. My grandma on my dad’s side passed away last night. It’s sad and welcome – she’s been sick for a long time and now it’s finally over. Good for her, I think. Life and death are both funny things. We don’t really deserve either one, or at least not since Christ made death the door to paradise. Welcome home, grandma. You’re now the way you were always supposed to be.

We get back from Richmond Monday night and I leave for California Tuesday morning and so next week will be a frenzy of airplanes and emotion and exhaustion and I’m sure next weekend will feel long overdue when it finally comes.

Love this craziness, and love you all.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Stuart and Sarah's home is an open house. It is always full and bustling with people and energy and goodness. The Maderas are here especially often. Amy cleans during the week, and her two kids are here doing something most of the time, working around the house or babysitting. Nate is twenty and Nina is seventeen and all of them are wonderful. Today they were over and we made a slip n' slide. Me, Kyle, Nate, Sela and Asher had the best afternoon twelve dollars can buy. 

For Tara:

Dear Tara and everyone,

If we left this part out at all, the house our cousin lives in is in a neighborhood that would beat up Landfall on the playground. This house is for sale around the corner: No joke.

Last week Kyle and I took a bicycle ride around our kingdom and photographed our favorites in your honor. We feel that it is a ridiculous thing that we live here. Please come visit soon. 

This one is ours. 

This one is my favorite.

The pool to the house above. Just trees growing in there.

We call this one the museum.