Thursday, February 24, 2011

Those Days That Feel Like Friday But Aren't

My job description is changing soon, which only matters to this quick post because it is the reason that Kyle, Stuart, Dan and I sat in a conference room today from 10:30-4:00 to brainstorm how to improve customer experience. 

This has been a hard week for my brain. I am trying to compile a training guide for someone to fill my position and it turns out that I know and do a lot more than I think I do. I have been chugging away at it, headphones in, listening mostly to the Weepies and thinking that it was probably raining outside. I am looking forward to a peaceful weekend to rest, write and recline in the leather sofa with the porch door open.

I hope you all are wonderful on the inside. It would be lovely to hear from you.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Summer in February

It is almost summer in Florida. Today we are going to the beach with some friends. I hope the day feels like this.


I have high hopes.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Kyle and I drove to Birmingham last Saturday for the best weekend of life. This was the third year in a row we’ve gone to Alabama to visit Kyle’s best friend Grant and see Step Sing, an annual song and dance show that Samford University puts on that rocks my world. We expected to have a great time, but we didn’t expect that Grant had sneakily invited Caleb and Scott to crash the party, and so we were totally blown away by seeing some of our favorite people on top of all the rest of the adventure. Birmingham is a small pocket of sweetness in our life. We love the city, the people that we know there, the show, and the thrill of being on the road and being somewhere different.  We sat around the campfire at Grant’s, explored parks in downtown Birmingham, frequented our favorite local coffee shops and had a few impromptu dance parties in the backseats of cars. It was a drastically fabulous break from the routine of our regular life and an encouraging reminder of the richness of friendship and community.

It is refreshing to sit with people who know and love me; who say my name because they want to hear about my life or want to tell me something about theirs.  I have a lot of thoughts simmering right now about communities and thankfulness and the way that I am changing so quickly and that my life is so different now than it was even a few months ago and what that means for my heart. I am wrestling with my identity and finding that if I define myself as anything other than the rescued daughter of a mighty King then I am deceiving myself.

I am so thankful for this weekend and for my life. I believe that the Lord is orchestrating something monstrous and wonderful for us. I believe that He loves us. His mercy is long and His purpose is Good.

1. Welcome to Alabama! 2. So excited that our friends are here. 3. Kyle and Grant enjoying some franks at Tip Top Grill. 4. A little Sunday caffeine from Urban Standard. 5. Rock stars 6.You are beautiful in downtown Birmingham 7. Troubadours serenading us with Wagon Wheel at Railroad Park. 8. Kyle finds a friend backstage 9. Group hug

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gray Day

I feel like I stared out a window all day, except that there aren't any windows in our office. It was gray and chilly all day. It's really a shame that I couldn't be here, in this cozy corner of someone's dream attic:

But I came across this pocket of chairs in this home and I suddenly felt so thankful for all the people in my life who I would invite to sit here with me. I miss you. I miss talking and laughing and wasting time and filling time with just sitting around and being together. Thank you all for being people who have shown me grace and friendship. I am grateful for you. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

Quick thoughts for Wednesday night:

1. Kyle's giant shmiant promotion means that we work regular 8-5 hours again! Hooray!

2. It also means that Kyle has a work iPhone. I won't post his new number but if you don't hear from him soon, get up in his business.

3. I saw this post today and for the 700th time wished that I had never cut my hair. It can't grow fast enough! 

4. This weekend, Kyle and I are driving to Birmingham for our third annual Samford Step Sing! Last year, Kyle stole me away to a rooftop and asked me to marry him. Only good things happen to us in Alabama. I can't even wait to get there.

5. Speaking of being married, a few weeks ago I bought these rings. Now I can look official even though I'm allergic to the white gold engagement ring I have. Another hooray!

available here

Three cheers for today. We love you all. Please call us. We miss you.

Monday, February 7, 2011

From Kyle

I have been decidedly lazy about putting up my first post, much to the chagrin of Brittany. So now it's evening and I've got The Tallest Man on Earth in my headphones, and I will try to write about something someone might want to read. I wouldn't hold my breath.

My experience is very different from Brittany's here, not because we actually do anything separately, but because we are just so different. I'm thankful for that. I am more solitary, I think. Or maybe it's just that during college, I got used to only being around one other person for most of the time and this is pretty similar even though it's completely different. Having Brittany around all the time is so much better than being by myself, and I remember Graham saying one time that you become such a weenie so fast about sleeping by yourself. My sanity is closely tied to Brittany. I enjoying having someone to rely on. There's a verse about a man who works in a field by himself. Who will pick him up if he falls?

Then there's work. Work is an adventure. I swore up and down for a very long time that I would never work in healthcare. Being the son of a doctor has a funny way of eliminating one career path very quickly. My appraisal was always that I didn't want to be a doctor because they work too hard. That (and a loathing of biology or freshman year or something) were what steered me early toward some other applied scientific pursuit. Engineering is clearly a good place to go if you're trying to work less hard than a doctor. Fortunately the engineering industry sucks and here I am. At least once a day I try to figure out how the monster that is healthcare even exists without imploding. I've still never found any good indications except that it somehow continues to work.

When I got to Matrix, I started as a customer service rep [CSR] and first entered data, then called insurance companies to get medical equipment authorized, then eventually played cleanup for all the orders that had passed those two steps. I got doctor information, located suppliers, and made sure packages got to their desired destinations. Chuck also enjoyed giving me tasks like reading long laws and figuring out problems in the computer system. Finally someone figured out I am good at math and very careful and made me review invoices for A/P and A/R. I liked all these things. I take a lot of pride in my work and always apply myself to whatever is given to me. I'm also an analytical thinker and take careful inventories about processes, operations, and procedures in my brain all the time (it's either wonderful or horrible). When Stuart realized I knew exactly how long each process department took, he locked me in a room painted with whiteboards, and two days later we had a streamlined operations plan.

Meanwhile, I applied to be Team Lead for the Ancillary department and won the promotion and tried to play defense for my supervisor; I handled routine questions so she could focus on other things. In early December I presented the Ancillary Operations proposal to my manager, the VP of my department, and the CFO. The CEO had a soft copy the next day, and quickly everyone was in favor of implementing the new plan. On Friday that was put into effect, and I was promoted to Supervisor of Ancillary Support.  Basically, Stuart and I figured out that there is a Customer Service side and a Logistics side of the process which occurs in my department. I am the head of the Logistics side. (See illustration)

I realized that funny niche industries are a little confusing. This is basically what happens. Brittany works in Provider Relations making sure everyone stays in line.

Conclusions are not my strong suit. I don't have any good ending like Brittany always does (and I apologize for bringing the quality of the writing on this blog down by posting). That is a recap of some parts of my life in the last 6 months.

I hope all who read this are well. I hope you see beauty in difficulty and hope in dark stormy nights.
"Oh sister in our darkness a light shines. And all I want to say for the rest of my life is how that light is God. And though I've been mistaken on this or that point, that light is God."

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Friday!

Kyle has something to say to you all this weekend! I won't spoil the surprise.