Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

Quick thoughts for Wednesday night:

1. Kyle's giant shmiant promotion means that we work regular 8-5 hours again! Hooray!

2. It also means that Kyle has a work iPhone. I won't post his new number but if you don't hear from him soon, get up in his business.

3. I saw this post today and for the 700th time wished that I had never cut my hair. It can't grow fast enough! 

4. This weekend, Kyle and I are driving to Birmingham for our third annual Samford Step Sing! Last year, Kyle stole me away to a rooftop and asked me to marry him. Only good things happen to us in Alabama. I can't even wait to get there.

5. Speaking of being married, a few weeks ago I bought these rings. Now I can look official even though I'm allergic to the white gold engagement ring I have. Another hooray!

available here

Three cheers for today. We love you all. Please call us. We miss you.

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